About Us

We are Perfect Pour Cocktails, and for us, Freshness is a Science. In 2009, a group of alcohol industry veterans, inventors, chemists and creatives banded together to solve a problem that the alcohol industry has failed to solve. How do you create the freshness and quality of an on-premise cocktail without taking the bar with you?

If Freshness is a Science, then the science in question is chemistry. Without even realizing it, chemistry is a part of our every day lives—from the foods we eat to the air we breathe. Ready to Drink (RTD) cocktails are all the rage, but RTD manufacturers completely disregard the many competing chemical reactions (hydrogen exchange, acid/base, oxidation/reduction) that occur when alcohol and mixers are combined in the same container — reactions that are inevitable.

That’s where we came in. After extensive R&D and engineering, we patented our proprietary Perfect Pour device — a classic cocktail shaker on the exterior, with a dual-chamber interior that physically separates alcohol from the mixer until the cap is removed, and the cocktail is poured. With the Perfect Pour Cocktails bottle, we protect the ingredients’ freshness to ensure that the Perfect Pour happens every time.

Over the past few years, we have refined our design and function, and together with our resident bartenders, we have crafted classic recipes that will be sure to harmonize with your palette. There is no longer a need to compromise between on-premise taste and RTD convenience.

We invite you to enjoy a Perfect Pour cocktail and celebrate the science of freshness.

– The Perfect Pour Cocktails Team